06 PM | 07 Oct

A Plus Sized Rant.

This post is about something you’ve probably read a thousand times.

I’m sure plenty of girls feel the same way I do, so why be another moaning plus sized girl? Well, I’m sat on a packed train, my phone is fucked and I can’t connect to WiFi. I need something to do seeing as I can’t waste my time looking at funny videos on YouTube/Facebook/Twitter – so I’m writing this as a stream of consciousness as this is what is on my mind right now.

-What is the deal with clothes from the high street being absolutely shit if you’re a bigger girl?-

Full disclosure: I am one of these ‘big girls’. I’m about 6 feet tall when I can be bothered to stand properly, and a size 18. I have been fatter, I have been thinner, but right now this is where I am, and as I approach the age of 30, this is the first time in my life where I’ve been a more accepting about the size I am. I am dealing with it. Sure I need to lose a few pounds *cough stones* but I’m not in the frantic rush I was in throughout my twenties. I’ve been on various diets with varying levels of success, and always end up around this point. Granted the diets have been faddy (Cambridge Diet anyone? I lost 3 stones in 3 months and put it on again as soon as I started eating actual food again) some better than others (Slimming world is actually pretty good and easy to stick to) but I am the kind of person that when I do fall off the wagon, I fall HARD. Apart from this year! I’ve just been eating sensibly and taking into consideration what I’m putting in to my mouth more (!) and the weight has steadily been falling off and staying off. Go me.

Anyway I digress, I am still what most would call a regulation fatty. I get away with it a little bit since the fat is stretched out over my tall frame and pretty evenly distributed, but I still have a hard time finding clothes on the high street.

Serving Body-ody-ody! more to love!?

Serving Body-ody-ody! more to love!?

I went to meet a friend in H&M yesterday. While he was trying on clothes, I thought I’d take a look around. I haven’t really shopped at H&M since my early 20’s when I was a bit slimmer. I wasn’t too fussed about the clothes (I’m not a standard issue kind of girl if we are being honest) but I thought I’d take a look in the tiny plus size section that the store has to offer. To my disappointment, the two plus size rails were full of what were essentially shapeless black sacks and wide leg trousers. This says to me that 1. H&M doesn’t really give a stuff about anyone above a size 12-14 (I say 12-14 even though they go up to size 16.. their sizes come ridiculously small) and 2: H&M thinks that if you are a bigger woman, you surely must want to cover up your lumps/bumps/curves with shapeless black fabric.

Sometimes I can find clothes in the ‘normal’ section of shops that go up to size 18, but that it is totally gutting when you see an amazing item and spend ages rummaging in the hope that they might have a size 18 in, only to have that horrible, slightly crushed feeling you get when you find that they don’t have any in stock.

At one point in my life until pretty recently, I wasn’t up for form fitting clothes. But again as I approach that certain age, I am becoming more comfortable with myself and actually LIKE *gasp*certain aspects about my physique! It’s been a long journey of discovering self love and body confidence, but I am finally getting there – HOWEVER – when you go to a shop on the high street such as H&M that does cater to bigger sizes and the clothes are essentially disgusting, it makes you feel a bit shitty. I can’t think of one high street store that isn’t guilty. New Look is the same, my local store has recently got rid of their tall section (boo) and the plus size section pretty much consists of sacks and mu mu’s. I was super excited to see that River Island had recently introduced a plus range, but yet again to my disappointment it is far from fashionable, and the price tag cannot be justified.

I was definitely feeling myself in this ASOS Curve Sequin Kimono

I was definitely feeling myself in this ASOS Curve Sequin Kimono

I had a good moan with my friend Jodie. Like me she has a more voluptuous frame, but rocks it well and always manages to slay whatever the occasion. She hit the nail on the head (as well as making me roar with laughter) when she said ‘Just because I’m big it doesn’t mean I have to look like I shop at Bon Marche’ – and why should she? Why should I? It’s easy to say ‘lose weight then’ but sometimes things are easier said than done. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a work in progress. But I’m never going to be a skinny girl. Yes I am going to mention the whole ‘curvy’ cliché but whatever, I am actually curvy and I am embracing it. I’m in proportion and the lumps and bumps are all in the right places, so why the hell shouldn’t I want to show them off? Out of all the high street shops I can think of, Dorothy Perkins is the only one that comes through for us bigger/taller/wider girls. I used to associate Dotty P’s with an older clientele, but over the past couple of years they have really sorted things out and have some great clothes in. It’s refreshing to be able to buy a pair of trousers that aren’t ankle swingers!

It can still be a struggle to find nice clothes, but I need to give credit where it’s due: online. No wonder the high street is dying! ASOS is definitely one of my favourite places to find clothes these days. Their ‘Curve’ and ‘Tall’ ranges have a lot to offer. I used to avoid ASOS a lot in the past because I remember back in the early days, sometimes you would order something and what arrived at your door would be completely different to what you ordered! (It was kind of like a lucky dip, but less fun).  Also the clothes tended to be of poor quality. It was Jodie who coaxed me back in to the world of online clothes shopping and I’m glad I made the switch (I didn’t have much choice to be honest!) but there is a realm of on trend plus size clothes out there.  The ASOS Curve range has stuff from budget to pretty pricey, but everything I’ve ordered from there I’ve been happy with. Missguided also has some bargains. Simply Be is on the slightly more expensive side, but still has some lovely on trend clothes and is worth a look if you are prepared to spend a bit more.

Feeling Petty

Feeling Petty

Seeing as the average UK Woman is a size 16, you’d think that there’d be more shops willing to cater for the fashion conscious, bigger lady. I can’t see the high street paying any attention though, so online really is the way forward. I won’t get started on shoes, because as well as being tall AND fat, I was also cursed with big feet, so getting nice shoes anywhere is a nightmare (I have a trainer addiction to make up for all the lovely designer shoes I will never have)

Do you have any recommendations for plus size fashion? What are your thoughts?