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Product Review: Friction Free Shaving

Subscription boxes. You can get a subscription box for almost anything these days, and I have to admit I am a massive fan. I used to get Graze boxes, I have a yearly subscription to Birchbox and now my latest subscription is for razors from Friction Free Shaving.

Although I look like (and am the size of) a bear, I am actually a sensitive little teddy with skin that hates shaving. When I do buy razors it can cost upwards of £13 for a pack of three, and regular waxing can become costly. Fortunately, I am not the hairiest of people, so I try to leave it as long as possible between shaving my legs, but still I resent having to pay over the odds for crappy razors and blades that ultimately leave me feeling sore and itchy.

Over the past month or so, adverts for these razors have been popping up on my twitter and FB feeds for a while now so I thought I’d check it out. “Friction free shaving – we deliver razors through your door from only £3 per month” – sounds good to me! I clicked through to the FFS website to meet my ‘shaviour’ and saw they have three different types of razor on offer, each with a different name and priced accordingly:

The Ladies: (L-R): Samantha, Frankie and Faye

The Ladies: (L-R): Samantha, Frankie and Faye

Faye: Now in my opinion Faye is what I’d call a basic bitch. She’s cheap yet cheerful, has a 2 blade head and looks like something you could get in pound land. Not that there is anything wrong with that, because if you are on a budget it’s perfectly fine to get a 2 blade razor. I wouldn’t though, it would tear my legs to shreds. I’d rather be hairy. For £3 a month you’d get 4 sets of blades delivered to you each month, although I think at this level you would actually be better off buying a bag of cheap razors from Pound Land.

Frankie: Frankie is the middle of the road gal in the bunch. She’s sound, dependable and has three blades. She looks like the kind of razor that will get the job done. She’s got ‘ceramic coated blades to give that extra glide’ and at £5 a month for 4 sets of blades a month she’s a  bargain. I can’t see much wrong with our Frankie to be honest, she looks like a quality razor. She comes in Pink or Blue, neither of which are really my colour so sorry Frankie, I don’t choose you. Which leads me to..

Samantha: Like my favourite Sex and the City character, Samantha is the stand out razor of the bunch. Here’s what she has to say about herself: “I’ve got 5 beautiful blades, and a vitamin E lubricating strip to give your skin that silky finish. I’ve got a capacious wide soft rubber guard for lifting hairs up, whilst my pivot helps me glide gracefully around the contours of your body. My guard trimmer can neaten up those hard to reach spots too – so you’re ready for the beach…or the bedroom.” – I don’t know about you but I was sold after reading that, so for the princely sum of £7 a month I opted for my girl Samantha.

Two days after placing my order the razor arrived first thing in the morning in a neat little box. I liked how small the box was (It would fit through any letterbox so very convenient. The packaging was a bit ‘Plain Jane’ but I forgave this when I opened up the box and saw this:


I moonlight as a vocalist so I couldn’t resist singing my own rendition

Along with the razor handle and four razors was a little leaflet welcoming me to Friction Free Shaving and instructions on how to attach the razor to the handle (which I totally ignored and spent five minutes trying to attach it upside down. Sigh)

Samantha in all her glory


Upon initial inspection I was suitably impressed! The razor handle feels quite weighty which is nice, it imparts a sense of quality to me. Samantha doesn’t feel cheap! The colour of the handle, well… on the website it’s described as gold. I’d say it’s more of a rosey tangerine gold, which isn’t very me but I can deal with it. (Those of you that know me personally with know my loathing of rose gold… or any kind of gold that isn’t golden enough to me… there will probably be future rants about this to come)

So the big test came this evening. I ran myself a nice bath and prepared for the big shave. One of my main bugbears with shaving is that I feel like the razor never quite gets close enough to the skin, and my skin feels nicked and sore afterwards. I can quite happily state that this razor does the job so well! A really comfortable close shave, and the razor pivoted around the contours of my body perfectly. I can even get past the tangerine/rose/shit gold.

Hours later and my skin isn’t sore, no sign of a rash whatsoever! I think this is going to be a subscription that I stick to. Friction Free Shaving has taken the stress out of traipsing around boots hoping that a half decent razor is on offer or at a suitable price (which to be honest they never are).  I actually can’t stop touching my legs.

Friction Free Shaving is definitely in my good books – highly recommended!!


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