05 PM | 21 Oct

Brighton Life: Latino America

I had an absolutely outstanding meal here.

Latino America is a recent addition to the restaurant scene here in Hove. It is in fact the first Argentinian restaurant in East Sussex. This is something I only found out recently!

Scott and I only happened to go here because we tried to go to Makara (a fantastic Turkish restaurant) next door. Sadly it was fully booked, so we thought we might as well give Latino America a try.

Our Meal

I’d never had Argentinian food before, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Upon looking at the menu there is a lot of choice, especially when it comes to meat! I noticed there was a good selection of vegetarian food on offer too. Not your bog standard ‘mushrooms with mushrooms’ that veggies usually get fobbed off with!


We had a starter of Chipa Correntino – cheese rolls made with cassava flour with a Stilton sauce. Oh my! They were absolutely delicious – not too heavy for a starter and the Stilton sauce was delicate and not too over powering. Perfect for sharing.

Chipa Correntino - cheesy, doughy goodness!

Chipa Correntino – cheesy, doughy goodness!


For the main I was going to go for a burger or a steak roll, but Scott liked the look of the Argentine meat experience to share, which was a selection of prime Argentine steak cuts: Cuadril-(Rump), Bife de chorizo (Sirloin), Ojo de bife (Rib Eye) and  Lomo (fillet) with a side of rice. Our waiter recommended that we ordered the trio of sauces (Chimchurri, Provenzal and Criolla) to accompany the steak at a further £5.


(l-r): Cuadril-(Rump), Bife de chorizo (Sirloin), Ojo de bife (Rib Eye) and Lomo (fillet)

I’m going to be honest here and say my eyes LIT UP when the food came over. Even more so when I finally tucked in! Our waiter recommended that we eat the fillet steak first as it was the highest quality steak and best eaten hot. I am partial to a fillet steak every now and again but this one was melt in the mouth. I didn’t want it to end! All of the steaks were fantastic and the chimchurri sauce complemented the steaks perfectly.


I absolutely would not hesitate to eat here again – and seeing as I live a 2 minute walk away I will 100% be back!

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