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Brighton Life: Bluebird Tea Co Review

Ahh yes. Bluebird Tea Co.

One of my favourite shops in Brighton.

I am quite the avid tea lover – you name the tea, I probably have it in my cupboard – so here is my Bluebird Tea Co Review!

You can imagine my delight whilst on a trip down the Brighton Laines when I discovered this place. It’s a tea shop with a bit of a twist. It’s got that independent, ‘Brighton’ vibe inside, and there is every type of tea you can think of.

Unlike places like Twinnings and other rather stuffy tea shops, the Bluebird Tea Co. are Tea Mixologists. They come up with some really innovative ideas when it comes to making tea, throwing together ingredients that you wouldn’t usually expect.


All of their teas are on display on shelves behind the counter, and the staff are more than happy to give you a sample or let you smell the leaves! You can buy the teas in various different weights, so if you just want a sample size to try, you don’t have to spend too much money.

My recommendations

My personal favourite (and just about anyone that knows me will have heard this) is the Gingerbread Chai tea. A lovely redbush tea blended with Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger and Mallow flowers. It’s an absolute delight, and I must drink about 4 cups of the stuff a day.

On top of that you have blends such as ‘Mojitea‘ – yes, a tea that tastes like Mojitos! What more could a cocktail loving gal like me want?

Another favourite of mine is called ‘Hot Mama Jamma‘ which is a passionfruit and chilli based tea. If you have any kind of cold or sore throat I can guarantee that stuff will knock it out of you!

I highly recommend their various matcha teas too.

On top of all their delicious teas, they also sell items to make your tea with, such as tea strainers, teapots, travel mugs and so on. They also sell drinks to take away.

I was lucky enough to have received a massive tin of Gingerbread Chai and a lovely cup to make it in for Christmas, so I have plenty to keep me going.

If you buy tea a lot from there, it might be worth buying a tin of your favourite – when you return to buy some more, take the tin with you and you will get a discount on your next batch of tea 🙂

There are some companies that open in Brighton that I really want to get behind, and this is definitely one of them.

Go and pay Bluebird Tea Co. a visit soon! I promise you will find a tea that you will love!

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